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Well, since everyone else seems to be doing one...

A Year in Review (except that I can't really remember most of it)

The Good:
1. School - so the last semester was kind of rough and Bio was a bitch, but still. GPA is solid and my Physics final was canceled.
2. Team LEGS - my Gemstone team does not suck. Thank God.
3. Lab - it may not be the most amazing science ever, but the people are pretty amazing.
4. Getting my driver's license. Finally.
5. New house - it's still further away from most of my friends and I still don't have a desk where I can work (so I inevitably end up on my bed with my laptop, completely distracted and incapable of doing work), but it's pretty damn shiny.
6. Super Junior. *___* They're pretty shiny, too, especially Kyuhyun and Hangeng.

The Bad:
1. Not driving. Yea, I have my license, but I don't think I've gotten behind the wheel since I've had it.
2. Not writing. 0 word count. Epic fail.
3. Not reading real books, since I didn't take a legitimate English class this semester.
4. Break's half over and I haven't seen half my friends. :(
5. No clinical experience. (No motivation.)
6. Super Junior. D: Why are you so distracting?

1. Clinical experience. (Resume padding.)
2. Write more. Read more.
3. Be less antisocial.
4. Record more of my life. Honestly, I can't remember most of 2009. This is ridiculous.

Jun. 20th, 2009

I think the universe is telling me that I'm not destined to drive because:

01. When I went to get my permit, I forgot some identification requirement and ended up waiting hours longer than I had to.
02. The moment I woke up today, it began to rain.
03. The moment I woke up today, I clutched my stomach in pain. Cramps. Lovely.
04. When I went to do my driving test, I ended up at the wrong MVA and fell into a state of panic as my dad rushed me to the right one.
05. I failed my driving test.

But luckily, I extended my permit by a year so now I have another 365 days to humiliate myself behind the wheel.
There has been no water in my building and in surrounding buildings ALL DAY.

This means:

This means:
Going to the bathroom in buildings where your classes are
Running to the gym when nature calls
No drinking water at the diner
No ramen

And when the promised water comes back at 7 PM, it is disgusting yellow color.
I am so, so, so close to being done with this terrible week.

Bio test is over.

Chem lab has been conquered (but it was so terrible. I hate chem lab).

Chem test is over. (If you care, it was OK. The problems were predictably easy and the time was predictably short and my non TI-83 calculator is predictably retarded - the one problem I know I got wrong was because of a calculation error and not a methodology error on my part. EPIC FAIL, TI-30XA.)

Now, I just have my ridiculously late and long Honors Seminar to finish and a GEMS group team meeting, and I'll be gloriously free.

Also, when Obama was announced president, our campus exploded. People flooded the sidewalks and cheered and shouted. And the entire time, I was just thinking, please stop making noise so I can study for chem.

...I'm so lame.

midterms, part 2

Have I mentioned that I really hate Bio? 'Cause I really hate Bio. I studied so hard for this test (stayed up till 4:30 AM a;ldfjk;lkj) and then I confuse gymnosperms for bryophytes. WTF life. I hate mosses. There goes 10 points. So sad. :(

Also, chem midterm this Wednesday. Lots of math involving moles. I don't like moles. I don't really like math either. This isn't going to be pleasant.

And I need to get started on that English term paper. Um.

In conclusion, this week really sucks.

(By request, good luck, Rosie! ♥ And me.)



By popular request (and by 'popular,' I mean Ani):

On Halloween, I did chem for 4-5 hours. It was ridiculous. Like, really really ridiculous. And the entire time, I was trying to rush through it so I could go down and watch scary movies with my friends. But luckily, once I finished at 10 PM (my classes are so ridiculous), I caught the end of Bloody Mary (oh Jensen Ackles, I come undone for you).

And then we watched Alien.

And then the Ring. Which, I would like to add, was really really scary. I mean, i thought I had built up an immunity to scary movies after Supernatural, but clearly I overestimated my skills. D: The little girl is so scary. Why are dead children always so scary?

Barbara was there (♥!), and she reiterated all the reasons why majoring in bio is such a bad idea. Which I've heard many, many times.

So I stayed up till 3:30 AM, and had to wake up at 7 AM (I have never woken up so early for college yet) for my service activity for GEMS100. I was grumpy and whiny, but our section leaders shoved some Dunkin' Donuts into us and we destroyed some trees, and it was fun. I was especially dorky since I started phylogenetically classifying everything. (Did I mention I hate Bio? 'Cause I'll say it again.)

...My life is pathetically boring.

Good luck, Noori on your calc and neuro midterms. ♥♥♥ Don't get distracted and work hard!

Oct. 29th, 2008

Well, I knew that I would eventually end up skipping Bio because it is too early, but I didn't expect to oversleep less than a week before our midterm. Fuck. :( I hate this class.

Oct. 19th, 2008

Some things I love about being 20 minutes away from home:

01. Being able to download music. Realistically, in huge school, I know that the Internet police is only looking for people downloading from Limewire, but still paranoid. If they took away my Internet, I might die.
02. When I forget stuff, it's really just a phone call away.
03. My PC. I love my Mac, I really do, but I can't play Roller Coaster Tycoon on my Mac.
04. Total privacy. Nobody bothers me in the basement, I can be as loud as a want, and no one looks at me funny when I drown pixelated people in computer games.
05. I'm not there long enough for my parents to get mad at me.
06. Dumplings. I miss dumplings.


roses and thorns

01. Bio midterm grades are getting posted Monday. D: I'm kind of terrified.
02. I'm behind on bio readings again. I just can't muster up enough determination to actually read the textbook.
03. Chem lab midterm coming up this Tuesday. Um. Chem lab. Midterm. I think that sums up my horror.
04. I thought I got over my cold (except for a few negligible sniffles), but today (yesterday?) I woke up at 5 AM having a coughing fit. =\
05. Tonight I went to a puppet show. The first half was about politics and world issues, etc., but the puppeteers tried too hard to be funny so all the jokes fell flat. The second half was a gay clown puppet humping/killing other puppets and then getting killed by his penis. Like. There was actually a penis puppet. And it bashed the other puppet to death.

01. abster226 is visiting tomorrow (or er, today?)!
02. Apparently, there is a pretty steep curve in chem. Like, an overall grade of 62+ is a B in her class. Except this curve happens at the very end when she's giving out final grades.
03. I watched Smallville and Supernatural with some friends yesterday. Smallville is so much better when there are people making snide comments in the room with you.
04. Just got back from a HOUSE MARATHON. House never gets old. Ever.
05. We might have another HOUSE MARATHON tomorrow because we only got through like 4 episodes today.

Oct. 6th, 2008

I'm kind of having a terrible day.

1. 77/100 on my chem test. Not exactly how I pictured starting out the semester.
2. Bio test sucked. He put on every memorization problem possible. The eons, eras, periods, epochs. The bacterial, archael, protist phylums. It was ridiculous. I kind of hate my professor.
3. I'm sick.

this is the sound of my gpa sinking

I could create a TV series about the amount of angst I go through for every test.


01. I've been studying for this since last week.
02. This is the most I've studied for anything. Seriously. I only crammed for a day for APs.
03. I really felt I understood the material, inside and out.
04. The questions on the test were totally reasonable.
05. There wasn't enough time.
06. I hate my non-graphing calculator. I was trying to subtract 28.48 from 29.19 and it kept telling me it was 58. Fuck you, TI-36.
07. I left two questions that were eight points each, blank.
08. This test is out of 100.
09. I hope there is a curve.
10. Please let there be a curve.

(coming to LJ on Monday, when I've failed it)

01. It's on 10 chapters.
02. Each chapter has >20 pages.
03. We have to memorize certain groups of bacteria, archaea, and protists.
04. We have to memorize the eons, eras, and periods.
05. He tests on the most specific things.
06. Like things he doesn't even mention.
07. How does the QWERTY keyboard have anything to do with organismal biology?
08. (The answer: it doesn't.)
09. The class average is 60.
10. But apparently there is a girl in the class who does too well.